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melissa colettahenrybush    Trefforest, Wales
I'm a single mother, just testing out the water's. I do not do this kind of thing. I'm an outdoors person, I honestly hate the cold but summer time I'm out and about all the time.
kevin pererawportn    Piedmont, South Carolina
Very active in sports, I play soccer all year around and softball. I also stay busy coaching basketball, volleyball, skiing, and soccer. Outdoor activities include kayaking, camping and hiking with my
balgaritony111    Hillsboro, Missouri
If you want to know feel free to ask me! I don't like getting into great detail in these things!
masud ahmedalcutest41    Hillsboro, Missouri
It's so hard writing about yourself like this so I won't. You'll have to find out for yourselfWould like to meet someone I can connect with that would hopefully lead to something more.

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